About Authors

Edward Ducker

Edward is a web developer working on the Porthos product suite to produce improved interactions and deliverables for both members and employer portals.

Erika Gomez

Erika is the Product Lead for the Athos product suite, delivering Customer Relationship Management, Reporting and Business Intelligence.

Gail Green

Gail is the Client Liason and Business Analyst for Corvus Technologies, providing the first point of contact for our customers as well as the depth of knowledge to provide the best solutions.

Chris Hill

Chris is the Principle Product Architect of the Thorin product suite, enabling the other product suites to utilise a unified integration to back-end products and data sources.

Mike Prewecki

Mike is the Product Lead for the Aramis product suite, delivering Back-end Systems and Workflow Capabilities.

Darren Rogers

Darren is the Product Lead for the Porthos product suite, delivering Client-facing Portals.