We Need Something…Is Yammer the answer?

Session: Learn what 50+ Yammer Implementations have taught us

Track: PROD235

Speakers:Caj Kjaer and Stephen Monk

After attending many sessions at the Microsoft Ignite conference, I became convinced that Yammer could be the answer to all of the communication, contribution, collaboration and cross-skilling needs of any organisation.
Having not being overly familiar with Yammer (apart from a short lived attempt in an organization back in 2012), I was intrigued by the session “Learn what 50+ Yammer implementations have taught us”.

Roll on to 2017 and the list of benefits that an organisation can drive with Yammer reads like this:

  • Staff engagement – by having a place to share ideas, start conversations, make suggestions, be social and be heard.
  • Breaking down of management stereotypes – through the ability to correct perception, by the ability to give authentic feedback to statements as they are made.
  • Getting feedback – putting a thought or suggestion out to an organisation, testing the waters, before any concrete decisions are made.

During the session, the implementation into Telstra, was used as a case study.  There was a feeling that the organisation was lacking a “customer centric culture”. Symptoms of this were teams working in silos, an email centric culture and information being filtered (both up and down). A great quote from David Thodey, the former CEO of Telstra, who really drove the roll-out of Yammer to the organisation, really pinpoints their need for a tool like Yammer in any organisation today:

“The nature of work has changed.  Collaboration is a necessity, not a nice-to-have.  We had to change, and Yammer is a tool for facilitating significant change”.

Having leaders endorsing and using the tool, appears to be one of the main drivers for the success of the implementation of something like Yammer into any organisation.

The other main driver for success, is getting people to use it, and keep using it.  The roll-out of the tool needs to be done in such a way that people know how and when to use it, without too many rules, and without a fear of sharing their opinions. A balancing act for any organisation.

Organisations need something, but whether it’s Yammer or something similar, the take away here is always the same… Use it or loose it..

More info about Yammer can be found here: https://www.yammer.com/



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